Green Chemistry: Green Chemical Principles

Green Chemistry: Green Chemical Principles Photo

Green science, likewise called reasonable science, is a region of science and compound building concentrated on the outlining of items and procedures that minimize the utilization and era of risky substances. Green science covers with all sub disciplines of science yet with a specific concentrate on substance combination, prepare science, and synthetic designing, in mechanical applications.

Paul Anastas and John Warner developed the principles of green chemistry, the principles are- Prevent, Atom Economy, Less Hazardous Chemical Syntheses, Designing Safer Drugs, Designing Safer Chemicals, Safer Solvents and Auxiliaries, Design for Energy Efficiency, Use of Renewable Feedstocks, Reduce Derivatives, Catalysis, Design for Degradation, Real-time Analysis for Pollution Prevention, Inherently safer Chemistry for Accident Prevention
  • Use of renewable resources
  • Use of enerfy efficient designs
  • Prevention for pollution
  • Recycle, Reuse and Refill
  • Proper Disposal of Toxic Chemicals or Wastes
  • Prevention is Better than Cure

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